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When it comes to sales, one issue that invariably arises is how to maximize your team’s time to close more sales. Discover these expert-approved tips that will reveal how to close sales faster, thus improving the efficiency of your sales team.

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Webinars from Sales & Training Guru Steve Schiffman

Is your team struggling to improve sales techniques and grow the bottom line? You can now access sales training webinars from Sales coach Steve Schiffman and learn valuable tactics for a successful sales career all online. Help your sales managers build and develop a team of top-performing sales professionals. These webinars, presented by one of the best sales coaches in the business, will impart best practices, ideas and strategies to improve sales techniques. Other benefits include:

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Learn a host of strategies for sales teams of all sizes and in all industries. Even experienced sales teams can learn from the 35 years of experience that made Steve Schiffman a legend in the sales world. These webinars will help your team increase sales, maximize efficiency and improve overall performance. Sales personnel will learn more about how to humanize the entire sales experience and customize their sales pitch to each individual prospect or customer.


These webinars have been carefully crafted with input from industry-leading sales professionals, including the legendary Steve Schiffman. Not only does he have more than three decades of experience in the field, but he has also authored more than 50 books on the topics of improving sales performance. Passing on years of experience, these webinars discuss raising the bar for your sales team’s bottom line and growing the business one lead at a time.