Webcasts are extremely useful for those who would like to increase their business sales success and improve employee efficiency. Regardless of whether you are a motivational public speaker or you specialize in sales training and teaching others business coaching tips and techniques, scheduled live video sales and training webcasts, as well as non-interactive, prerecorded webcasting options, can provide important clients with the skills and education they will need to soar above the competition.

Webcasts can be distributed live or on an as-needed, “on-demand” basis, which is a big advantage if your time throughout the average workday is typically in high-demand. Why not contact us to learn how to nurture, develop and improve your business’ growth with a live video webcast by Steve Schiffman today?

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“I can help you create your own path to success by examining your business’ specific needs and setting realistic goals”

“I evaluate your business to track its overall progress and find ways to improve results in the long run”

“I can provide effective cold calling and selling techniques that interweave elements from the sales and marketing worlds”

“I have the tools required to help keep you motivated, on-point, and ready to sell with success time and again!”

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Webcasting is predominantly used by large-scale businesses to host meetings with important clients located in different places around the world. Countless corporations also use business webcasting to provide employees with in-house training seminars and hold company-wide presentations via live video webcasting technology. However, given that the ability to create a webcast from a residential location is also a huge advantage to busy business owners and entrepreneurs who work from home, many people all over the globe enjoy the possibility of face-to-face interaction in a far more personal, intimate and authentic “one-to-one” manner.

If you have ever wondered about the power of business sales webcast technology and would like to learn more about what Steve Schiffman can do for your career and your business, please call 212-836-4719 or contact us online today for further details. With more than three decades of experience in the industry, Steve can offer helpful advice for motivational speakers, as well as provide positive guidance if you have an interest in cold-calling new clients and sales training and business coaching programs.