Executive sales coach, Stephan Schiffman, shares highlights of proven sales scripts and video programs

Every salesperson can benefit from learning new tricks of the trade. Motivational training is one of many ways to help bring fresh perspectives and understanding the buying journey. There are many social cues and non-verbal communication techniques you can use to help guide each conversation toward the answer you want. Sales script techniques are only as powerful as the individual practicing and executing them in every industry, so it is crucial to practice your sales pitch in order to gain positive results.

Executive sales speaker Stephan Schiffman has put together several proven sales script programs. He has also been featured in many video interviews and conference calls to develop salespeople who are serious about their craft. Here are some of the top sales motivational techniques to hone your prospecting, buying and closing journeys.

How to win with expectations

Steve takes you on a journey in knowing how to set the right kind of expectations for your prospects. Follow-through with them for continued success.

Set up your day with 10 minutes

In this short clip, Steve breaks down how to be realistic and stay focused for each sales day. Learn how to harness the power of 10-minute planning for prepare for your work day.

The 4 Ps and 4 Rs for Successful Sellers

Steve breaks down the four Ps that make up personal success. Add these to the four Rs, and you will have a competitive advantage and a more successful selling cycle.

Define your success as a salesperson

Define what true success is and develop it personally. Then apply this same principle with your prospect. Explain it to your client to help you set clear expectations and see improved lead close rates.

Impressions are a two-way street

Everyone knows the importance of the first impression. Both you and your prospect give non-verbal cues. Steve shares how to detect them and use them to help you direct the conversation.

How to get information to sell

Steve shares tips on how to get through the first conversation with your prospect. Look for non-verbal cues and ask questions to get the pertinent information needed to seal the sale.

When to use reinvention in selling

Breakthrough the roadblocks that occur in your selling career. Steve shares the power of goal-setting and reinvention. Both help you feel invigorated and ready to accomplish the new goals.

Collecting leads and developing a calling list

There are many sources for prospective leads. Steve illustrates how to combine lead techniques for increased partnerships and successes. The goal is to transition prospects to the sales pipeline.

Improve the cold calling process

Too many times, salespeople give up at the first “I’m not interested” phrase. Steve shows you a sales script technique to dig deeper on why they’re not interested and turn it around in your favor.

Sales motivation goes beyond just training. It’s the personal and professional development of every individual. Want to see more real-time sales script techniques and simulation exercises?

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About Stephan Schiffman:

With more than 40 years’ experience as a sales coach, Steve Schiffman is a highly esteemed corporate sales trainer. With more than 9,000 company consultations, he has seen it all. Today, as a certified management consultant, he shares his knowledge both online and in print. You can find him as the author of more than 53 best-selling self-help and sales training technique books. They are all designed to help improve the mindset of salespeople and propel them towards exceeding expectations. Schedule a personal consultation with Steve and you, too, can learn how to capitalize leads with his sales script programs and selling techniques.