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Frequently asked questions about Stephan Schiffman’s sales techniques

Some of the most frequently asked questions about our business coaching, motivational speaking programs, and more, can be found here.

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Q : How is your sales training different from other programs?

A: Sales training programs typically teaches salespeople to ask the wrong questions. What motivational sales training seminars and sales management training should teach is how to ask “do” based questions.


Q : Can I hire you as a motivational speaker for my sales team?

A: Motivational speakers should inspire audiences, which I’ve been doing for over 30 years. As a keynote motivational speaker, I cover concepts from my motivational sales training seminars, motivational books, motivational speaking books and webinars.


Q : What is motivational sales training?

A: Motivational sales training inspires salespeople to motivate themselves – at least that’s what motivation sales training courses and seminars should do. However, most sales management and motivational training programs teach only theory.


Q : What topics are covered in your motivational sales training seminars?

A: Motivational sales training seminars should focus on practical topics – not just theory. For instance, my cold calling technique is among my most successful motivational training programs, teaching salespeople how to leave a message that gets a 75 percent response rate!


Q : What kind of business coaching models do you use in your programs?

A: Business coaching models in my motivational leadership training programs are all sales-oriented. So the benefits of these leadership development programs are especially helpful to sales managers, salespeople and sales support staff.


Q : How does your sales management training strengthen leadership?

A: Sales management training strengthens any leadership team by giving managers the tools they need to improve and reinforce the sales calling skills learned by their employees.


Q : Can I hire you as a public speaker for a special event?

A: Public speakers should be experts in their field, as well as the art of public speaking itself. As a motivational speaker and keynote speaker for more than three decades, I have that expertise you need in the field of sales.


Q : What are the benefits of executive business coaching?

A: Executive business coaching models used in my leadership training programs are all directly related to the sales process – from management, to salespeople, to sales support staff.


Q : Are your sales training programs appropriate for any skill level?

A: Sales training programs should be appropriate for any skill level, and my motivational sales training seminars and management training programs are definitely no exception.


Q : What cold calling techniques do you teach in your programs?

A: Cold calling techniques are among the most important for salespeople to understand when developing sales calling skills. For instance, it’s hard closing deals when cold calling scripts or appointment making techniques don’t get your foot through the door.


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