Open Letter: Thank you

I wanted to take this moment to thank those of you who have participated in my one-on-one sales training course, delivered over Skype.

This program has brought real increase in sales for the over one hundred people that have worked with me to achieve their goals.

We are presently starting a new series, and this time YOU can get in early and not have to wait. The series, which goes for 12 weeks covers all the basics and advanced aspects of sales, including prospecting, pipeline management, reinvention, and sales skills. We role-play and practice all of these and work on specific issue you are facing in your real sales career. Typically, we get a 20% spike in sales that is maintained!

Usually I work one-on-one, but do take groups and entire sales forces.

You receive an e-learning program as well.

If you have interest in improving your sales, contact me at sschiffman@steveschiffman.com or call 212 836 4719 for more information. This is an exciting opportunity at a reasonable cost!

I have worked with 9000 companies and 500,000 reps and have written 70 bestselling sales books. Check out Google or Amazon for a full list.

Thank you,
Steve Schiffman

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