Embrace the objection

  • schiffmanAdmin
  • June 21, 2010

Recently I have found that there is a better way to deal with the objection: EMBRACE it!

I was with a prospect when he asked me a question about fees and expected results. Rather than give him the run around that sales people do, I simply said to him “I am glad that you asked that question…” and began to go into detail about the topic. He was astonished, since no one gives direct answers anymore. But it worked for him, and I signed the deal.

You can do the same thing. The next time that someone asks you a question or proposes an objection just say “I am glad that you asked that….” or “I am glad that you are concerned…”. Then answer the question as best as you can. Stay focused, since most objections are really based on confusion and doubt.

More importantly, the prospect will be happy to hear your answer. Make it work for yourself, and let me know what happens.

Good selling.

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