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Personalized Coaching Sessions with Steve Schiffman

  • schiffmanAdmin
  • September 25, 2015

We are offering members of the sales community the opportunity to learn with the best sales trainer, Steve Schiffman.

Steve has worked with 500,000 sales people in 9000 companies and 43 countries. Steve has written 50 bestselling books and now conducts live Skype Personalized Coaching sessions for Sales people and their managers.

Contact him through LinkedIn.

Time Wasters for Sales People

There are so many ways that we waste time. Yes, we know when we WASTE time! Sometimes we say to ourselves if I could only the find the time to…. (you add the task) I would be that much better off. The fact is, that sales people waste time all during the day. Here are some of the top time wasters that you might want to consider changing, if they apply to you.

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