Steve Schiffman dressed up and ready to present sales training programs in NYC

It’s hard selling something to someone without knowing how they’re going to use it. That’s the concept behind “do” based questions, a highly-effective cold calling technique covered in my:

  • Motivational sales training seminars
  • Sales management training programs
  • Business coaching programs
  • Public speaker presentation
  • Keynote speaker presentations

Sales Training Programs

How is your sales training different from other programs?

Sales training programs typically teaches salespeople to ask the wrong questions. What motivational sales training seminars and sales management training should teach is how to ask “do” based questions. Find out how prospects “do what they do” and fulfill their needs accordingly. I teach this cold calling method in my sales training programs, business coaching programs, webinars, books and engagements as a public speaker and keynote speaker.

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Instead of teaching theory, my motivational sales training seminars reduce the sales process to core components in my sales management training programs, business coaching programs, and in my presentations as a public speaker and keynote speaker. Logic closes a sale, especially when cold calling. As I teach in my sales training programs, the more information gathered from your prospect, the more strategically-targeted information you can provide to them.

After completing motivational sales training seminars, you don’t want to realize that what you’ve “learned” isn’t practical. That’s never the case with my pragmatic sales training programs, whether learning in one of my sales management training classes, during one of my webinars, or from one of my 43 books.