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As one of the most trustworthy sales motivational speakers in the business coaching industry, I approach the role of sales manager as an “in-between” job. Often, individuals in these roles are the only thing standing between a salesperson and his or her motivation. For example, if a manager accepts excuses for not doing well with telesales or upselling, they may be inadvertently setting an overall tone of leniency around the office, where it will look like the manager does not expect much from the team. As a result, sales motivational training programs need to include helpful topics and practical techniques that the sales team can make use of at any given opportunity.

Sales Management Training

How does your sales management training strengthen leadership?

Sales management training strengthens any leadership team by giving managers the tools they need to improve and reinforce the sales calling skills learned by their employees. Though the purpose of sales training programs is to inspire people to motivate themselves in areas such as telesales, cold calling and upselling, success is actually more likely when sales motivational tips and techniques for the management team are incorporated into the sales coaching program.

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Managers tend to hear a lot of excuses during the typical workday, including:

  • “Nobody buys on Friday afternoons because everyone is waiting to leave the office for the weekend!”
  • “The client already said that they didn’t want what I was offering. Why should I call them again?”
  • “I never sell anything when it’s raining, the people I call just don’t seem interested!”

As made clear in my sales motivational courses and leadership training programs, none of these excuses are any reason for a manager to accept anything less than 100 percent effort from their sales team. That’s why useful motivational advice and effective sales management training courses are so important. My sales coaching programs and seminars help you to make the most of foolproof cold calling strategies and techniques, including guidance with telesales and upselling as well as proven cold calling scripts.

In many different situations, cold calling is often the most difficult aspect of telesales for salespeople to feel motivated about when it comes to contacting prospective new clients. That is why managers need my sales management training programs and motivational sales techniques. I have helped hundreds and thousands of people so far, and I can help you too!