Steve Schiffman ready to lead public motivational speakers training in Chicago

The art of public speaking is more than reciting a speech. In my view, it’s much like sales taking a topic and making a story out of it in a conversational way. (I take a similar approach in my seminars, webinars and motivational books.) After all, public speakers who sound rehearsed won’t be any more effective with their audience than a salesperson who sounds rehearsed to his prospects.

Public Speakers and the Art of Motivational Speaking

Can I hire you as a public speaker for a special event?

Public speakers should be experts in their field, as well as the art of public speaking itself. As a motivational speaker and keynote speaker for more than three decades, I have that expertise you need in the field of sales. Plus, audiences can reinforce my message through seminars, webinars and motivational books.

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If I am among the public speakers you are considering for a special event, I can demonstrate the art of public speaking on:

  • The four most important components salespeople need
  • Cold calling, including how to leave a message that gets 75 percent response rate
  • “Do” based questions asking prospects how they “do what they do” and fulfilling needs accordingly

My seminars, webinars and motivational books offer similar information.

As a motivational speaker and keynote speaker for more than 30 years, the art of public speaking is second-nature to me now, as it should be for the kind of public speakers you need for your special event.