Steve Schiffman is a motivational sales speaker for New York companies

“Inspirational” speaking may be a more appropriate description for what I do, as salespeople must motivate themselves my job is to inspire them to do so through:

  • Motivational sales training seminars
  • Motivational books
  • Motivational coaching
  • Motivational speaking books
  • Webinars

Motivational Speaker for Sales Training Seminars

Can I hire you as a motivational speaker for my sales team?

Motivational speakers should inspire audiences, which I’ve been doing for over 30 years. As a keynote motivational speaker, I cover concepts from my motivational sales training seminars, motivational books, motivational speaking books and webinars. And as a public speaker motivationally inspiring salespeople for more than three decades, I can inspire your sales team too.

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So when it comes to motivational speakers, I’m different than most a speaker motivationally inspiring your sales team to motivate themselves.

My motivational sales training seminars are “Guides for Success” to be tailored to individual needs. I apply the same philosophy when in the role of a speaker motivationally inspiring others toward success, a concept reflected in my motivational books, motivational speaking books and webinars. And the response from audiences makes other motivational speakers take note.

The success of motivational speakers is gauged by the success of their audiences. I’ve seen that success materialize in thousands of audiences to whom I’ve presented my motivational sales training seminars or served as keynote motivational speaker. As a public speaker motivationally inspiring others, I’ve seen salespeople who had reached their plateau reinvent themselves beyond the status quo.