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For motivational sales training seminars to work effectively, the sales management team must participate in motivation sales training programs and seminars so they too can be inspired to push their team to excel. In my sales motivational coaching courses, webinars, and other training programs, I teach the philosophy that the status quo is your number one competition. Salespeople are only as good as they’re willing to push themselves – and each other – using the most effective cold calling and closing sales techniques, which they can learn through sales professional motivational speakers like myself.

Motivational Sales Training

What is motivational sales training?

Motivational sales training inspires salespeople to motivate themselves – at least that’s what motivation sales training courses and seminars should do. However, most sales management and motivational training programs teach only theory. I, on the other hand, teach practicality in my motivational coaching programs, business/leadership training seminars, and sales management webinars. If you and your sales team need effective cold calling scripts and strategies, as well as foolproof sales closing techniques, I would love to help you and your team today.

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After more than three decades of experience offering informative motivational sales training courses and seminars, my focus in motivational training has evolved into what is known as “do” based sales:

  • Asking prospects how they “do what they do”
  • Creating a conversational interaction that lends itself to “storytelling”
  • Showing prospects how they can “do” better with your product or service

I cover this “do” based approach in my motivation sales training seminars, motivational coaching training courses, sales management programs, webcasts, and webinars. My “do” approach has proven itself extremely successful over the years, especially when it comes to fail-safe cold calling methods and closing sales techniques.

Salespeople can develop and increase their leadership skills through motivation sales training seminars, not only to motivate prospects to buy, but also to motivate themselves to try harder in the future. My sales motivational training techniques and topics teach just that! Sales motivational training courses, business and leadership coaching programs, and motivational coaching seminars, webinars and webcasts inspire people to encourage and motivate themselves as well as each other to improve their proficiency with telesales and upselling. I have helped more than 500,000 people so far, and I can help you too!