Steve outside after discussing executive business coaching programs

The specific benefits of the executive business coaching models used in my leadership coaching – through public speaking, seminars, webinars or books – include learning how to:

  • Strengthen prospecting, presentation, product knowledge and personal/professional development skills
  • Leave a message that gets a 75 percent response rate
  • Create a conversational interaction that lends itself to “storytelling”
  • Ask “do” based questions, asking prospects how they “do what they do” and fulfilling needs accordingly

Executive Business Coaching Programs

What are the benefits of executive business coaching?

Executive business coaching models used in my leadership training programs are all directly related to the sales process – from management, to salespeople, to sales support staff. And the benefits of leadership coaching are experienced by everyone who participates in my seminars, webinars, public speaking engagements and the reading of my books.

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Whether I’m public speaking at a special event, conducting seminars or webinars, or writing books, these are the kind of executive business coaching models I share with anyone who wants to use leadership coaching to improve their performance, or that of their staff.

Leadership training programs should be as innovative as your sales approach – whether you’re cold calling, upselling or closing a deal. My executive business coaching models help sales staff reinvent themselves beyond the status quo – leadership coaching that inspires people to motivate themselves.