Steve after he finished training on cold calling scripts in New York City

From cold calling scripts to appointment making, the cold calling techniques I teach in my programs include:

  • Asking prospects how they “do what they do”
  • Creating a conversational interaction that lends itself to “storytelling”
  • Showing prospects how they can “do” better with your product or service
  • Writing sales scripts that anticipate objections as part of sales closing techniques

Cold Calling Scripts and Sales Closing Techniques

What cold calling techniques do you teach in your programs?

Cold calling techniques are among the most important for salespeople to understand when developing sales calling skills. For instance, it’s hard closing deals when cold calling scripts or appointment making techniques don’t get your foot through the door. My programs cover effective sales scripts and appointment setting techniques, as well as sales closing techniques.

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Among my most effective cold calling techniques is learning how to leave a message that gets a 75 percent return rate! It’s all about replacing stands sales scripts for innovative cold calling scripts specific to the goal. Appointment making is made simpler, and the focus turns to sales closing techniques.

When learning new ways of sales calling and writing sales scripts, it’s important to be open to new cold calling techniques, especially when they’re backed by the proven results I’ve witnessed during my 30 years of leading training programs. From writing cold calling scripts to appointment setting, salespeople who complete my programs routinely reinvent themselves through my innovate approach.