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Motivational Sales Training Programs

Sales Management

Managing sales means managing yourself. In my motivational speaking sessions, I share tips to help shift your mindset from one of scarcity to one of prosperity. We do this through time management techniques and productivity training that will benefit you and your prospects.

Leadership Training

My leadership training seminar is designed to help sales managers understand the impact they make on their teams, how this relates to their quarterly goals and how to use this information to build a successful sales program. Beat the burnout and get motivated with this exclusive program!

Get More Sales

When it comes to sales, the status quo is your number one competitor. Don’t get lost in the sea of companies vying for attention! Make yourself stand out with time-tested cold calling scripts and upselling techniques that actually work, so you can always make the sale – even when no one is buying.

Sales management training to blast through your sales goals

In a world where everyone is selling, how do you make yourself stand out? It’s not just a matter of persistence or having the perfect product. Making the sale is about how you connect with your prospects and structure your sales plan. I am Steve Schiffman: a Certified Management Consultant® who has spent over four decades perfecting my technique both as a salesperson and as a motivational sales training speaker. I have consulted with companies in a variety of industries to better understand their unique challenges and brainstorm solutions together. It is my honor and privilege to share these solutions with you so you can achieve better results faster – and exceed your sales goals on a regular basis.

I believe in my techniques so much that they are available in a variety of formats:

These pieces are designed to work together – much like gears in a machine – to deliver a cohesive sales training experience. I typically recommend my books as the first step to get started on the path to better sales and personal growth. My sales training videos and webinars are step two: a great way to build your knowledge and continue your education long-term. For individuals or companies who are serious about improving their sales results, my motivational speaking and in-person sales coaching services help bring all these pieces together. Combined, my sales training program is designed to help you sell BETTER.

It’s time to take charge of your career and deliver more value for your customers and prospects. Invest in yourself and make the change: contact me today to learn more about my sales management and training services so you can experience the difference for yourself. Your future is in your hands.

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